Cherry Hill Health and Raquet Club

Cherry Hill Health and Raquet Club have something for everyone: Fun and fitness for all ages

Cherry Hill Health and Raquet Club were once the most prestigious tennis facility in South Jersey. It has seven indoor courts, six additional indoor/outdoor courts, and six more under dome structures. The club offers year-long instruction, tournaments, leagues, and leagues for kids and adults. High school players from the area also practice their skills there.

Even if you don’t play tennis, this is a great place Carmel Health and Living to start your athletic career. Cherry Hill Health and Raquet Club are different than other South Jersey fitness centers. There is something for everyone.

“I think people are familiar with us in the area. But sometimes, people come to my door and say, “Wow, I’ve seen you name, but I didn’t know that you had so many of these,” says Brian Kosa. He is the general manager of the club. People don’t know what all the services and options we offer. Although they may have been to our club years ago, at one time it was only tennis, so many people think that we are the tennis club. We are the tennis club. But we offer so much more.

CHHRC was established in 1971. It has been in its current ownership since 1983. The center began as a tennis and racquetball facility, but it grew into the vast, sprawling hub that it is today after a multi-million dollar renovation in 2003. Kosa says that everything that was created was based on programs and activities that could be used by families, including teens and adults.

The fitness center has over 20,000 pounds worth of free weights, more than 65 cardio machines and a TV for each room. You can also watch ESPN or other news channels to keep the time moving quickly. For those who are afraid of gyms, there is a women’s only fitness center. However, most people find the whole club to be friendly with helpful and courteous staff. Kosa says, “We have a very comfortable environment and we’ve got very diverse people who come to our club.” It’s not just the jock or the musclehead. It’s everyone who’s in good shape and wants to improve their quality life.

“When people join our club I believe the main reason they are joining is to lose weight and tone up. We try to help them and provide direction. There is an integration process. If you sign up today, you will have at least two meetings.