Carmel Health and Living

Carmel Health and Living Community, a large nursing facility in Carmel, Indiana is Carmel Health & Living Community. This nursing home has a low overall grade of F. You won’t be disappointed with the facility’s poor overall grade. There are seven other Carmel nursing homes. Below is more information about this facility’s categories grades.

Inspections of facilities

Although we gave this facility a poor overall grade, it still received an acceptable inspection report this year. It received a B- grade in this category. We believe that deficiencies are one of the most important aspects in assessing an inspection. We pay particular attention to the severity of these deficiencies. Although Crotchless Yoga Pants the place did have some minor issues in its government inspection report it was free of serious deficiencies. The government inspectors did not find any deficiencies in the facility’s inspection report as a serious threat to patient safety and health. Minor deficiencies aren’t necessarily the end.

Carmel Health and Living Community Quality Metrics

Reduce Pressure Ulcers

carmel health and living shows you how many patients have suffered from a pressure ulcer. Patients who stay in one place for too long can cause pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores). Patients who suffer from pressure ulcers in nursing homes can be reduced by better nursing practices.

Reduce Serious Falls

This statistic shows you the percentage of long-term patients who have suffered severe injuries from a fall. There are many reasons why falls can occur, but an excessive number of falls could indicate that there is less patient supervision.

Reduce Urinary Tract Infections

Carmel health and living this statistic shows the percentage of residents with long-term stays who have had UTI’s. Although more infections can reflect poorly on hygiene protocols in a facility, it is possible to compare facilities with different reporting standards.

Appropriate Uses of Antipsychotic Medication

carmel health and living is the number of residents who have been in long-term care and are taking antipsychotic medication. Although antipsychotic medication plays an important part in the care of many residents, it’s important to ensure that these medications are only used when medically necessary. A nursing home may use these medications to control residents in rare cases.

Anti-Anxiety Medication should be used in a responsible manner

This is the percentage of patients who were given anti-anxiety medication. Patients suffering from depression or anxiety are eligible for antianxiety medication.