Bungee Exercise: The Benefits

Bungee Exercise is a unique combination of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise. Your body will be used to push the bungee cord throughout the class.It feels like running resistance drills used in track conditioning. The resistance works the same way as pilates exercises when you do plank movements. You will have stronger glutes and abs as you work through the class.It is a popular option for many of our members. This class can be added to their Crossfit, running, biking, pilates, or yoga.

Bungee exercises include running, flying and other fundamental skills. Many of our participants are surprised at how sweaty they feel while performing these cardio-intensive skills.

It is possible to wonder, “How many calories will I lose in a Bungee exercise class?” Although we have not done a formal scientific study to determine the calories burned, it is known that it burns more calories per hour than a cardiovascular fitness class. A person’s body composition will also affect how many calories they burn. Here’s an article that explains the limitations of calorie burn claims. The current fitness tracker technology is not able to accurately measure Bungee Exercise classes. This is the same reason they can’t fully capture strength training calories burned. We have so far collected data that we believe participants will burn at most 500 calories in a 60-minute class. The true calorie loss will likely be 2-3x higher than what is indicated by the fitness watch.

Each Bungee Exercise class differs Give Yoga and each instructor creates their own choreography. Your first class will focus on learning the movements and safely flying. You will continue learning how to use the bungee cord to engage your core after your first class. You will gain confidence in your bungee moves and be able jump higher.

Coreo Fitness promises to ensure that every participant feels included during classes. Coreo Fitness is committed to helping you learn bungee skills, so you can have a great workout while also moving safely.