Here are some tips for doing yoga at home

Starting a regular yoga practice can be intimidating. Here are some yoga at home tips to get you on your way.

Find a space that is comfortable for you to practice yoga.

Making yoga more enjoyable requires extra space. A yoga mat ready to use can be very inviting. Soham yoga classes take a holistic approach, energizing and connecting body, mind and spirit through traditional asanas (postures), Pranayamas, breathing techniques as well as special meditations.

However, most of us must be adaptable and create space for practicing. Find a quiet area with plenty of room; an empty wall can serve as an effective prop. Adding some ambience with incense sticks or candles is also recommended if desired.

Get Your Yoga Accessories

All that’s necessary for practicing yoga is a non-slip mat. Although the market for these mats is vast, investing in one that meets your needs and lasts long is worth the money. Blocks are great for replacing books or other household items; while bolsters are nice additions, I have personally used blankets and pillows instead for years.

Stay Safe, Prevent Injury

This tip is the most important. Be mindful of your body’s most vulnerable points and always be mindful when setting boundaries, such as knees, hips and spine. If you feel any pain while in this position, adjust accordingly; do not push or force.

Before attempting more challenging poses, be sure to warm up properly and check that your body is comfortable in the pose. Be extra cautious when moving between poses or transitioning between them as this could lead to injury.

Savasana is an uplifting and invigorating practice.

After practicing yoga, it is essential that you allow your body time to rest in Savasana. Allowing time for the nervous system to fully integrate the benefits of the practice can often leave one feeling wired after a class – even one with vigorous asanas!

Practise Yoga Regularly

Even if you only practice yoga once per week, it can still be beneficial. It’s great to do three times per week but equally beneficial to do it every day; whatever works best for you depends on what works best for your lifestyle and goals. Setting a goal of practicing three times per week and being able to reach it will give you an immense feeling of pride and accomplishment; feeling inadequate may cause skipping sessions even further down the line. Be honest with yourself about what goals are important and set achievable milestones; even 10-minute practices count!

Enjoy Your Practice!

Do not try to overexert yourself. If you don’t enjoy doing yoga, there will be no motivation for consistent attendance. Make it enjoyable – if yoga feels like a chore, consider switching up the style or teacher for some variety.