Five Tips to Grow a “Bigger Booty”

I always receive questions about glute exercises! Today’s fitness post focuses on building glutes. Here are my 5 Tips to Growing a Bigger Booty. It took me a while to get even a small amount of booty. It takes patience, hard work and lots of food. Before I began to incorporate these five tips, I had a flat stomach.

Five Tips to Grow a Bigger Booty

  1. Glute activation: It is crucial to activate your glutes prior to a workout. Glute activation: If you have stubborn glutes, like mine,Cherry Hill Health and Raquet Club you can activate them beforehand with or without resistance bands. Glute bridges, hip, body weight squats, and glute bridges are all great exercises to activate your glutes.
  2. Multiple Leg Days: I have three days of leg exercises per week. The first day includes exercises such as deadlifts and squats. However, the second and third days also include glute-isolating exercises such as kickbacks. Walking lunges, hip thrusts and other leg exercises that really focus on each glute.Muscle growth can be aided by focusing on your glutes, and making the mind-to-muscle connection. Don’t forget your hamstrings. Your butt’s overall shape and tone is largely determined by your hamstrings. There are a few muscles in the hammies that attach to the glutes. Your butt will look better if your hamstrings strengthen.
  3. Eat, Eat and Eat: This is where the fun begins. You won’t get a bigger booty stomach if you shred. You should eat healthy carbs before and afterwards and get plenty of protein, especially after a workout. Glute exercises are still recommended if you want to shred for a specific amount of time. However, you won’t notice a significant difference in muscle growth. To build muscle, you need to ‘bulk’ for a specific period of time. I do this in winter when layers are a standard. This will allow you to gain calories and strategically build muscle, especially after leg days.
  4. Power Cardio: This is cardio that activates your glutes. The stairmaster is my favorite exercise. I also love to do lunges around the track at 3o%. These all can be done while maintaining a muscle-to-mind connection to your glutes.
  5. Weight progression: Keep your weight going up. Do not get used to lifting the same weight barbell. You can add weight as you go, whether it is 2 lbs or 5 lbs or 10 lbs. The more muscle you build, the more weight will you need. Side note: You should be able to lift enough weight to make it challenging but not so much that you injure yourself.