AED Box: A Perfect Solution to Improve The Durability of AED Equipment

AED Box: A Perfect Solution to Improve The Durability of AED Equipment

A brightly colored box is placed on the walls of public areas as a fire water hydrant. The device inside the box can offer a rapid defibrillation service to out-of-hospital SCA patients. This is referred to as an automated external defibrillator (AED). Public AED equipment is stored in an AED box because of its Health Tips price and significance in the field of lifesaving devices. This helps prevent damage due to improper storage or exposure in harsh environments. AED equipment is the perfect solution for ensuring the long-term durability of AED equipment. In the next article, we will discuss the features of is an AED box does and the importance of having a sturdy AED box to AED equipment.

What is an AED Box?

AED boxes are basically protective containers with a vibrant colour and an imposing AED logo. It’s a wall-mounted option to AED devices. A good example is a wall-mounted solution for Mindray AED, an AED box is usually painted with an attractive color that is red or green, on the exterior of the box in the hope of allowing responders to quickly find the AED device when needed. A full AED wall-mounted solution also has an alarm device that’s red on the top of the AED equipment. The alarm will sound to alert the AED manager if the AED equipment is damaged or is left out of the geographical zone of the AED Manager.

Is there a better spot to install an AED Box than this?

AEDs aren’t only intended for healthcare professionals They can be used by anyone. AEDs are usually located in private and public areas in areas where SCA is high, such as train stations or subway stations, schools gyms, stadiums, and train stations.

The place of the AED box will differ dependent on the AED wall-mounted system. One thing is certain: your AED box must be visible from all sides. It must be easily accessible in an emergency. Therefore, it is important to avoid placing the AED in areas that are often away from the view of employees and/or customers, such as basements, lockers or behind closed doors, which makes it difficult for rescuers accessing it in the event of an emergency.

Americans with Disabilities Act requires that an AED box be installed in an an area that is at least 48 inches above the surface. This allows for accessibility for those with reduced mobility or who are in wheelchairs. Furthermore cabinets with cabinet mounts AED devices can be integrated into any setting. Many managers think of installing their AEDs in a manner that is as accessible as first aid kits or fire extinguishers which makes sense because it will ensure that you’re completely prepared for any eventuality. Furthermore, according to the American Heart Association, AED boxes are also suggested to be put in the following areas. [1]

Corridors within public spaces

– Next to Elevators

  • Cafeterias and break rooms where people meet to eat, rest and relax
  • — Desks where customer assistance is provided

Why is the reliable AED box so vital?

In the absence of a 24-hour surveillance system, AED equipment placed in public places is vulnerable to injury by people and also the danger of falling or breaking. AED equipment can also be damaged by wind, sunlight rain erosion, various other elements that are in the outside. This is why the trustworthy AED box comes in handy. It is important to note that putting the AED device inside a reliable AED equipment has many undeniable advantages to both the AED manager and the owner.

A reliable AED box can stop the device from getting damaged by the elements. The AED box is equipped with a combination lock as well as a tough shell that will stop damage from falling, vandalism, breaking and erosion.

AED boxes help in finding the device quickly. AED equipment is easy to find in public places because of its vibrant color and attractive AED logo.

Help locate SCA patients. When the AED box is opened, and the AED device is removed from the preset geographical area controlhealth the light of the alarm in the AED box will blink, guiding the subsequent arrival of emergency medical services personnel to the patient’s location for a rapid and effective emergency response.

Reduce the expense of maintenance. AED is the most sophisticated equipment for life support, can be expensive because its accessories are disposable and come with an expiration date. AED administrators or owners will be required to pay an additional fee for AED maintenance in the event that the AED equipment is damaged. However, the AED box with protective features can help you reduce unnecessary costs.

The branding and knowledge dissemination associated with AEDs. Certain AED providers, like Mindray and Mindray, will offer its AED wall-mounted solution by pasting the sticker with simple AED operation guidelines to achieve the goal of knowledge dissemination. Additionally as the proprietor of AED equipment, you could print your logo on the AED box to achieve brand promotion and also inform the community that you care about the health care of your community members or employees who have an image of your company that is positive.