How Early Can Autism Be Diagnosed?

Early diagnosis of autism differs significantly from later diagnoses in that it can have a dramatic impact on children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). Although diagnosing ASD may seem difficult at first glance, due to no tests in labs available; therefore a physician must observe any behavioral indicators as well as parent concerns to accurately diagnose ASD.

At this point, individuals have various mental impairments due to ASD – as this condition is characterized by multiple symptoms.

Some behavioral symptoms of Autism:

Core autism symptoms

Autism symptoms Autism is a multi-faceted developmental disorder which impacts individuals at any point. People suffering from autism are faced with complex circumstances.

Frustration in social interactions or repetitive behavior with limited activity or interest; impaired nonverbal and verbal communication.

  • Social Deficits
  • Language impairment
  • Repetitive behavior

Related disorder

As language begins to emerge in someone who suffers from disorder, they may use speech in unusual ways. Some have difficulty condensing words into meaningful sentences. Others repeat a single word or phrase over and over until there comes a stage when they repeat back the words they hear.

  • Sleep disorder
  • Mood disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Associated neurological issues

According to researchers at the University of California City, there are approximately 600 patients suffering from medical specialty disorders (MSD). MSDs affect brains and central nervous systems in various ways. Recognizing symptoms and signs associated with medical specialty diseases is essential in order to appropriately treat them.

  • Sleep deficits
  • Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Attention
  • Seizures

Associated systemic issues

The severity of these conditions stems from their increased risk for chronic constipation/bowel issues that lead to inflammation of the bowel, often leading to activity modifications including rocking or head banging as a means of self-soothing; anger management techniques; self-injury acts etc; however appropriate treatments will lead to improvements in behavior as well as general health.

  • GI Disorders
  • Immune Dysfunction

Autism Diagnosis

Early diagnosis can be invaluable as it opens doors to support for those living with autism – including communication and adaptive skills training, reception school supports and classroom services tailored specifically to them. With access to such supports, children will develop skills tailored specifically to them as they explore the world at their own pace and become proficient.

The process of diagnosis

Much like autism, Asperger’s syndrome severity varies significantly from individual to individual and diagnosis can often be challenging. An inter-disciplinary diagnosis team should perform any formal diagnoses.

Certain diagnostic organizations prefer self-referrals. However, in many instances you will require a referral from your GP. When visiting another healthcare provider due to other reasons (for instance a psychiatrist when experiencing depression), instead of asking them directly about referral options you could state your concerns for referral instead.

To speak up your present case whom you suffer (symptoms).

Have you been reading about syndrome, or been dealing with The National Unfit Society? Perhaps you think you are experiencing symptoms associated with syndrome and would like a comprehensive diagnosis in order to best address them.

Provide your physician with examples of difficulties you have experienced throughout adulthood and childhood with social interaction, communication and sensory issues such as friendships or work; also discuss your desire for routines that impact different areas of your life.

Take a diagnostic assessment

Diagnosticians use several tools available to them when performing diagnoses; they do not have to rely solely on one tool. An instrument may include asking several questions about your organic development history beginning when you were young (such as play and language use as well as cognition).

Get a final result

At times, individuals may find themselves told they’re neither physically unfit nor autistic – usually leading them to make diagnoses they are unaware of.

Are You Unhappy with Your Diagnosis? For assistance from another source, it may be beneficial to seek a second opinion either through consulting with your primary physician and explaining why you disagree with their diagnosis or paying for an assessment by another provider.


Early diagnosis can be extremely beneficial to autistic individuals who experience symptoms. Diagnosing doesn’t pose any difficulty for people living with autism and provides more accurate assessments during this process.