Why trees are important

Benefits of trees

Imagine if the world were devoid of trees. Trees have many benefits beyond their beauty. For many years, trees planted today will provide economic, social and environmental benefits. Michal Mixa FdSc founded MMarboriculture in 2019. Michal Mixa FdSc. recognized that there was a better way to promote sustainability while also advising professionals and businesses on how to manage, maintain and overcome tree problems they face during arboricultural reports. This core value is deeply embedded in our company culture. We continue to improve our systems to help our clients move projects forward faster and more efficiently.

Social Benefits

Trees have many social benefits beyond their beauty. Being near trees can have a relaxing effect on the mind. The serenity that we experience can reduce stress and fatigue, as well as speed up recovery from illness and surgery. Urban crime rates may be reduced by green spaces.

Benefits for the community

Trees on private property can bring as much benefit to the community as those in public spaces if they are properly selected and maintained. Trees can provide privacy, enhance views, reduce noise and glare, and even enhance architecture. The presence of trees in an urban area can bring wildlife and natural elements into the environment, increasing the quality of life of residents.

Environmental Benefits

Trees can alter the environment in which we live by changing climate, air quality, stormwater runoff, and providing habitats to wildlife.

Here are some examples of the environmental benefits that trees can bring to your life:

  • High temperatures can be moderated by trees shading areas and cooling heat radiated off urban structures and surfaces.
  • Layered or dense foliage can be used as a windbreak and protection against rain.
  • Bark and leaves trap dust and keep it out of the atmosphere.
  • The leaves filter the air we breathe and remove airborne particles while releasing oxygen.

Economic Benefits

Trees have both direct and indirect economic benefits. Landscaped homes have a higher property value than non-landscaped ones. This is due to the nature, condition, and location of trees in the landscape. Shade can also help lower cooling costs and heating costs by providing shade.

An arborist can provide an appraisal to help determine the tree’s value. The documentation of the landscape’s value can help determine the property value and assist in insurance claims in the case of a loss.

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Maximizing the Tree’s Benefits

Although trees offer many benefits, it is important to maintain them regularly in order for them to be fully utilized. Although benefits are immediate after a tree is planted, they are not as great as the benefits that come with a mature tree. It is possible to save money by removing large trees and planting young trees.