Incredible Roster of Lifetime Fitness Franklin and Wellness Professionals: Kevin Andres and Thad Beaty, Kevin Kinzer and Angie Kirk will deliver the Ultimate Experience at New Athletic Resort

As preparations for the November opening at Life Time Athletic Lifetime, Brett Huelsman, the General Manager, and his leadership team crunch fitness abilene have assembled some of the best talent in the region to train, motivate, and lead the members of the new Lifetime Fitness Franklin.

Life Time’s All Star Cast of performers will teach more than 100 classes per week and train members with approximately 400 pieces of top-of-the-line cardiovascular and resistance training equipment. The team includes instructors and trainers as well as a doctor, nutrition coaches and massage therapists. This will ensure that members reach and exceed their fitness and health goals.

Huelsman stated that the team was built after a thorough selection process. “We are confident the team features the best team in the area and will provide members with a first-class experience to help unleash their potential.” We are excited to welcome everyone to our resort, meet our entire team and see the results-driven programs in action.

All-Star Members of the Life Time Athletic Lifetime Fitness franklin All Star Team:

Kevin Andres spent the last ten years teaching clients how they can achieve optimal health. His training method combines strength, balance, flexibility, and core strengthening to build muscle, burn fat, and strengthen the core. He is a former collegiate basketball player in division 1. He has also competed in numerous triathlons and served as a trainer and health coordinator for the Air Force Special Forces.

Thad Beaty, a musician and triathlete, is the ultimate trainer. He has spent nine years as Sugarland’s lead singer and has shared the stage with Lady Gaga, Kenny Chesney and Rhianna.

Following the diagnosis of his mother with colon cancer, and the realization that his lifestyle was causing him to be in poor health, he embarked on a new journey. He hoped to recover his health and help his family.

Kevin Kinzer, a former U.S. Marine who has received many commendations and is also an actor and professional model. Kinzer is very active in his community, playing prominent roles in local programs that fight childhood obesity and illiteracy. His workouts are a part of his community-building approach.

Angie Kirk is a 35+ year veteran of the Lifetime Fitness franklin industries. She places a strong emphasis on continuing learning and advocates for a healthy lifestyle. She holds certifications in ACSM, Yoga 500, TRX, spinning, Pilates and Yoga 500 RYT. Her training and experience help her to create a philosophy that seeks to balance physical fitness with spiritual health and mental clarity.