Tooth Implants

Know About All-On-4 Tooth Implants

What to Know About All-On-4 Tooth Implants

All-On-4 Tooth Implants are a revolutionary method developed by Portuguese dentist Dr. Paulo Malo in collaboration with Nobel Biocare to quickly and accurately place dental implants. Through biomechanics, computer simulation and clinical research, this innovative procedure was found to be the most efficient way of restoring both upper and lower arch teeth simultaneously, without the need for bone grafts or other complex restoration solutions. All-On-4 Tooth Implants provide long-lasting solutions for missing teeth without delay or inconvenience.

What’s Involved?

Your dentist will conduct an extensive examination to assess whether the patient is suitable for All-On-4 Tooth Implants. This may involve taking impressions, measuring bone density and taking radiographs. Four implants are needed in total; those at the back are tilted to maximize bone density in certain regions. All-On-4 implants allow for immediate placement and ongoing care of dental implants for those who meet certain criteria – usually all four implants can be placed simultaneously! With this procedure, patients receive their implants installed along with all necessary retainers at no additional cost during one visit!

What is the need for it?

Implants offer a permanent solution for missing teeth for those with dentures or who require full upper and/or lower restorations. The entire procedure, from placement of the Tooth Implants to immediate installation of dental restorations, takes just one appointment – making it the ideal option for those who don’t need to wait long for their new teeth. Furthermore, patients with insufficient bone mass that would support Tooth Implants can benefit from this procedure instead of needing an expensive bone transplant.

What are the Benefits?

This procedure allows patients to receive their replacement teeth in just one appointment, an enormous improvement over traditional Tooth Implant placement which may take several months. Plus, it’s less painful than traditional tooth implants even when there are bone issues. You can get all your Tooth Implants installed quickly and receive your new teeth within minutes – there’s no waiting around between each step!

What Are the Alternatives?

  1. Bone Grafts Bone grafting procedures may be utilized to increase bone mass in the jaw area, thus providing support for placing dental implants.
  2. Traditional Tooth Implants- Tooth implants can be used to restore an entire arch. In order to increase bone density and support the implant, bone grafts may be needed. After several months have elapsed since surgery, patients can expect the area to heal sufficiently so restorations can be fitted.
  3. Dentures provide a convenient solution to replace missing teeth without the need for tooth Implants.