Is Renuvion Safe And How Does It Work?

Treating your skin perfectly is a good habit and something we can appreciate. It is since people now establish this trend as a positive one. Back in the day, there was little and almost no focus on the skin. This was also bad since your skin happens to be the first look of presentation that others observe. Hence, if you do not take care, there can be some consequences. Over time and with age, people can observe that their skin is falling. In short, they may observe that their skin is reducing the stiffness and becoming elastic.

While the former may feel good and softer, it can cause your skin to hang from the face. And you will appear older than you may be considering the age. For this, people look for surgeries to undergo uplifting of their skin. They find many options but all include the use of surgical methods. However, there is one particular method that does not promote the use of surgery. In essence, it is itself a non-surgical way to uplift the skin and introduce stiffness. And the process goes by the name of Renuvion. Being the most popular and advanced treatment for skin lift, Renuvion id being offered by many. However, is the most reliable renuvion skin tightening clinic in London.

Renuvion and First Impressions

At first, no one can believe that there is a way to treat the skin better without surgery. It means you cannot believe that modern ways do exist. But if they do exist, many people still do not believe it as a reality. Renuvion is a reality and a process that gives you importance. It allows you to develop a skin that looks rich, stiff, and natural. All of this happens if there are no incisions, stitches, and raw marks that usually appear from a surgery.

The process itself is simple and involves two ingredients and one instrument. You need a pointing device, helium gas, and RF. Your specialist will need to direct the pointing device at the portion of the skin where Renuvion is to be performed. Next, the device will make an incision that is not a regular one but rather an entry point for helium to get into your skin. Likewise, the specialist will release helium gas that enters the skin.

In essence, this helium gas goes into the skin alongside radiofrequency. Their combined action contracts the skin where you perform the procedure. The contraction happens when a helium and radiofrequency combination generates enough heat to cause the skin to shrink. In addition, the helium cools causing the shrinkage to become final.

This contraction of the skin makes the extra, softer, and limping skin shrink and become stiff. Making skin stiffer is the true basic phenomenon of uplifting the skin. Every skin treatment method happens to surround this mechanism. However, the modes of methods differ just as Renuvion rejects the involvement of incisions.

Renuvion Possibilities

It is easy and possible to use the Renuvion technique and method for uplifting the skin at different places on your body. However, primary areas of interest remain:

  • Belt lift
  • Breast lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Knee lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Butt lift
  • Neck lift
  • Arm lift

Why Other Surgical Methods do not Fare Well with Renuvion?

We know why Renuvion is the best method to treat skin that is falling without stiffness. However, treating this skin can involve many methods. Some regions do not practice this modern method but traditional ones do exist. Hence, we have to pave the way for people to understand where traditional skin tightening methods lack. And also where this new method can be of strong importance.

Traditional methods lack the following processes:

●       Incisions

With surgery to begin and finish, incisions are necessary. They can occur at any point on the skin by inserting different surgical instruments. When tightening the skin, there is an option to introduce skin implants. These can be tiny rods that enter your skin to lift it upwards. Sometimes, threads can be used to uplift the hanging skin. Either way, it is a dangerous thing and often involves the use of anesthesia.

●       Scarring

Every incision-led surgery makes sure that you are left with scars that can dampen your skin. In essence, these scars can reduce the finish and refinement of your skin. Moreover, some scars can be permanent and do not go away for a lifetime. Hence, you are left with scars to highlight your face. While at once you make use of the surgery to improve your skin while the other time there is another skin issue you have to deal with.

●       Downtime

In addition, every surgery to undergo comes with downtime that is needed to cure you. It is also considered a healing process or time where you have to rest, and use medications to heal faster. While surgeries can be painful, the healing or downtime is also troubling for many.

Is Renuvion Safe?

Renuvion is safe and can be risky likewise. However, it is better to treat the viewers with the best advice and advantage or disadvantage. Renuvion takes out different risk factors that come along with traditional skin lifting methods. Hence, you need to consider it likewise and positively for an uplifting treatment. However, with the use of helium gas, several doctors suggest avoiding it since it can cause dysfunction during or after the surgery. At best, do consult your professional guide before planning for such a treatment.