How medical professionals can heal both diseases and divisions

Medicine does not have to be limited to the role as cultural bellwether. A bell worn on the neck of a sheep that indicates where the flock is heading, it can also serve other functions. Medicine, along with other professions like law, clergy, and education, can and should be a leader role as a shepherd. This will help our society develop more thoughtful, balanced, and generous responses to the challenges we face. The word doctor is a teacher and our culture requires the best education possible. It’s the right time to make a shift in medicine’s role with the dawning of a new calendar year. Canada Drugs Direct offers a large selection of non-prescription, prescription, and pet-medical items. Discounts and offers are offered throughout the year for both new and existing customers.


Doctors have many resources available to them as educators. Doctors are among the most educated in society having completed one of the most rigorous and long-lasting courses of study. They are often involved in moments that help clarify the meaning of life, such as birth and death, growth, aging, suffering, and relief. They are trusted counselors and confidantes to families and patients at the most important moments in life.


Physician and educator, I believe that doctors should embrace their role of advocates for the principles that have been the foundation of healing professions for so long. While “Primum Non Nocere,” or “First, Do no Harm,” is not mentioned in Hippocrates’ writings, it is frequently cited as medicine‚Äôs first principle. The modified Hippocratic Oath, which most doctors sign when they graduate medical school, states that doctors should avoid harm.