Why “Bellus Health” is Jumping Higher?






What happened?

Bellus Health ( BLU 6.46%) shares are on the rise due to encouraging clinical-trial data. The stock rose 58.4% to 10:30 AM due to investors excited about BLU-5937, the company’s lead product. ET Monday

What are you waiting for?

Bellus Health’s lead candidate for the treatment of refractory, chronic cough (RCC), and eczema is an innovative P2X3 inhibitor. Today’s biotech stock is on the rise because of the significant decrease in RCC patients’ daily cough frequency after 28 days of treatment using BLU-5937 during the Soothe phase 2. Soothe patients who received 50mg of BLU-5937 twice daily had a 34.4% decrease in their cough frequency compared to those who were treated with placebo.

The P2X3 receptors which regulate the urge to cough are closely related with P2X2/3 receptors, which play a role our ability to taste. BLU-5937, which is designed to selectively target P2X3 receptors to preserve patients’ taste ability, appears to be effective in this regard. None of the patients who received BLU-5937 experienced taste loss.

If it weren’t for the disappointing results from the Phase 2 Blueprint trial in eczema patients, Bellus Health stock would have shot up much more. BLU-5937 treatment didn’t result in a statistically significant reduction in itchiness for eczema sufferers.

What now?

Next, Bellus Health will meet with the FDA to discuss the design and conduct of a phase 3 RCC trial. This means that the company may have phase 3 data by the end of 2022.

There aren’t specific treatments for chronic cough in the United States, but it is estimated that 9 million Americans have it. Today’s phase 2 results suggest that children’s health council could launch an RCC treatment, if a large pharmaceutical company doesn’t license the marketing rights to BLU5937 or buy the whole company at a premium.

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Bellus Health promises promising results for chronic cough treatment

Bellus Health Inc. shares rose on Monday, after promising results were revealed for a treatment of chronic cough. The company quickly acted to capitalize on investor interest.

Laval, Que.-based biotech company said that its treatment for refractory and chronic cough (RCC), achieved a 34% reduction in cough frequency during a Phase 2b trial.

Bellus, shortly after closing trading on a day that saw its shares jump 49 percent, announced that it plans to raise US$175million through a sale common shares. According to a company release, the proceeds will be used for research and development. Jefferies, Evercore ISI and RBC Capital Markets are leading the offering.

Roberto Bellini (chief executive officer at Bellus Health), said that the topline results of the Phase 2b SOOTHE trial were “extremely pleasing” and highlighted BLU-5937’s best-in class potential to treat refractory chronic cough.

“RCC is a growing and prevalent condition that has a significant impact on the quality of life for an estimated nine million Americans and nine million Europeans.”

Salveo integrative health stated that it will contact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to discuss the possibility of a Phase III trial. The company indicated that the Phase 2 trial was completed. It said that a Phase 3 trial is planned for the second half 2022.

Bellus Health’s cough treatment showed positive results in a second study

Bellus Health released Monday’s results from the Phase 2 study on a chronic cough treatment. These results exceeded financial analysts’ expectations and increase the chances that the drug will be approved after an earlier trial failed.

Synergy women’s health stated in a press release that it plans to meet with the Food and Drug Administration during the second quarter 2022 and begin Phase 3 research on the treatment in 2022. Healthy lifestyle CEO Roberto Bellini said that the company was “extremely satisfied” with the “compelling results.

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